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Katkabin Outdoor Cat House

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Price: $135.00

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The KatKabin™ DezRez is the new outdoor stylish house for cats. It is a light yet sturdy house with unique, feline-shaped ends that will appeal to cats of every type. Great shelter for abandonned, wild or feral cats.

Specifically developed as an outside cat house which withstand extremes of temperature, the KatKabin™ DezRez is made from the strongest materials and will not fade in sunlight.

The KatKabin™ will stand securely on any type of ground and comes with a KatKushion and a KatFlap door to keep wind and rain out.

It has holes for air ventilation and the oval shape assists the air to circulate inside. Warm air is not trapped at the top as in other shapes but circulates easily around.

The KatKabin DezRez™ measures 55 cms (22") long x 40.5 cms (16"0 wide x 32.5 cms (13") high.

The cosiness of the Katkabin DezRez can be further improved with a luxurious Winter Warmer which lines the whole inner wall of the chamber with a super soft insulated fleece.

NOTE: Blue out of stock until February • 413-522-8857 • Chesterfield, MA 01012