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Designer Travel Cot

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The Designer Pet Cot raises your pet off the damp, dirty ground, away from pesky bugs. It self-stabilizes to prevent rocking on uneven surfaces. The mesh provides air circulation.

Raises pet 7 inches  
Powder-coated  steel frame will not rust
Mesh allows airflow.
No assembly required
Folds in half for flat compact storage

Model       Dimensions   Capacity   Price
Small       30" L x 20" W x 6.5" H    50 lbs   $65
Medium       40" L x 28" W x 7.5" H    75 lbs   $82
Large/Double       50" L x 34" W x 7.5" H    100 lbs   $96 • 413-522-8857 • Chesterfield, MA 01012