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Bivy Dog Bowl

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Quencher Cinch Top Bowl
Quencher Dog Bowl

Quencher Dog Bowl
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Just say yes to adventure with this ultra-light, ultra-portable bowl.

High-tech construction eliminates the need for two layers (while still remaining watertight). Fits in the smallest corner of your bag or pack…even in your back pocket.

  • Seam free, welded fabric technology creates a watertight seal and allows for single layer construction
  • Stable shape and no slip bottom allow for easy eating and drinking
  • Rinse and go for quick clean-up
  • Ultra-light (under 2 oz) for long treks
Model   Diameter Top   Capacity   Price
Small   5" diameter   27 liquid oz   $20
Medium   6" diameter   51 liquid oz   $20 • 413-522-8857 • Chesterfield, MA 01012