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Why Elevated Dog Bowls Are Healthy

Why Elevated Bowls & Feeders Are Healthy For Your Dog

Why do dogs need elevated dog bowls or dog feeders? Can you Imagine eating your dinner bending your head down and leaning over. A bit difficult, yes!  Elevated dog bowls help with the digestion of food.  When the bowl is elevated to the correct size, it helps the food to travel from their mouth to stomach faster and makes it easier for dogs to swallow. They are also less likely to eat quicker because it is more comfortable for them, reducing the amount of ingested air. As a result, this decreases the chance of gas, bloating and an upset stomach. Why create pain for your pet and possibly resulting trips to the vet.

A lot of dogs, especially seniors and large dogs, are prone to bone and joint problems. Elevated feeders help reduce the effects of these problems because your pet will have the correct posture while eating. Correct posture helps reduce the pain, and possibilities, of creating arthritis and joint pain in both large and small breeds. It lessens the stress on their neck and back muscles. This provides a more comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. After all we know your goal to take the best care of your pet!

Remember that every dog is not the same, so get the correct size of elevated feeder for your breed. We offer many different sizes in all of our dog bowls to ensure the most beneficial size bowl for your animal. Help with the digestion of your dog by using an elevated dog bowl or elevated dog feeder. • 413-522-8857 • Chesterfield, MA 01012