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Dogbedworks Pro Purchase Program

Our Pro Purchase Program is designed to offer products at a lower cost than retail to help those who work with animals in need; shelters or veterinarians or those who run a business dedicated to the care or training of pets (breeders, pet hotels, trainers). This month we aren't offering a specific discount  while we have a generous discount on our website - but will give you a quote on any proposed volume order (simply email us an order for a quote once you are an approved Pro Purchase Program Member.

You'll be assigned a discount code to be used when there is no site wide promotion. The specific amount you receive depends on your type business and level of need. With that discount code you may simply order online when there are no sales.

To apply to our program simply fill out this form and return to us via mail on your letterhead. Business cards may be  attached also. Once you join and make a purchase you'll have access to your account online (once a purchase
is made) and be able to view your purchase history, tracking and more.

To Qualify for Membership

  • Organization must be a registered non-profit humane society, animal shelter, veterinarian or rescue group.
  • Breeders, kennels, trainers and pet hotels may also apply.
  • Contact person must be a legal resident of the U.S. and at least 18 years of age.

To join, simply send us the following information & your organization's imprinted letterhead. We'll respond to your application by email (if provided) or phone within 2 business days of our receipt. Once approval is issued, all membership discount codes will be activated (but can only be used when there is no sale running).

Simply print this form to mail along with your letterhead and business card to:

PO Box 76
Chesterfield, MA 01012

Dogbedworks Pro Purchase Application
STATE:                        ZIP:

Provide Your Email Address to Activate Your Membership:
You'll also receive order confirmations via email, special opportunities and new
product announcements, if relevant. All information we receive is confidential
and isn't shared with anyone.

What animals do you care for? (check all that apply)
___Dogs     __Cats     ___Birds     ___Wildlife
___Other(s) _____________________
Number of Animals/ Runs/ Rooms________
Which service(s) do you provide? (check all that apply)
___Shelter     __Rescue     ___Humane Society    
___Other(s) ________________________
SIGNATURE ___________________________   Date____/____/______ • 413-522-8857 • Chesterfield, MA 01012