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Jax and Bones Beds FAQ

Common Questions about the Jax and Bones Bedding Line

Q. What size bed should I get for my dog or cat?

A.  To select the right size bed for your best friend, lay down some newspaper and measure the space where your pal will lay! Pick the best size and shape appropriate for your dog! The general rule is that your best friend's bed should be bigger and roomy so their legs can stretch out for more comfort. Our advice is that you measure the length of your best friend and add 10-12 inches to obtain the best diameter for the bed. When in doubt, it is best to get the larger bed. Trust us, who likes to sleep with their feet dangling off the bed?

Q.  Are our bed covers and inserts machine washable?

A.  Yes, both the bed cover and insert are machine washable.  We recommend to turn the cover inside out and wash in cold with NO BLEACH.  Hang dry or low tumble to preserve color.  For the inserts, we highly recommend to use a front loader/ commercial washer or a machine that allows the ‘insert to spin evenly’.  Damage may occur if not followed.

Q. What do we use in our beds?

A. Our bedding is proudly made in the USA with eco-friendly practices. All of our beds come with Sustainafill ™, an eco-friendly allergy free fiber. Over 100 unique stocked fabrics and beds to choose from. We use the best raw materials and assemble our products in-house. You can select any fabric & customize your bed in 6 different styles. We offer organic choices at reasonable prices. Beds designed for every sleeping preferences: lean, sprawl, or curl. Replacement parts or extra slip covers are always available. Our fabrics are tested and proven to be durable and long lasting. We create howling good designs and product satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q. Going Green?

A. At Jax and Bones, these words are not just a trend or preference for us, it’s a necessity. Each day, our team strives to support conservation. In the last few years, we have committed to using Sustainafill ™, our signature eco friendly fiber. This fiber is made from old plastic soda bottles and since its takes less energy to recycle these bottles, you are not only
reducing landfill waste, you are making a difference in global warming.

Q.  Can you use a pillow bed fabric and make it in a lounge bed?  (Or vice versa:  use a lounge bed fabric and make a pillow bed?

A.  Yes, that is why our swatch book showcases every fabric.  Also, we sew everything on site.  This particular special item will take up to 2-3 weeks to deliver (if the fabric is available and during non holiday times).  We call this a special/custom order as it is cut specifically for you.   A custom charge on your invoice may appear.  These charges vary and can range from $5-20 based on size and fabric choice. We encourage you to call our offices for exact pricing and availability.

Q.  Can we purchase the covers and inserts separately?

A.  Of course.  A lot of our customers like to have 2 covers so that they can place one in the linen closet during washes.  Also, our inserts tend to last for 2-3 years so it’s common that a customer may want to change the look of their dog bed.   Individual cover and insert prices can be found on the price list.

Q.  Can you use two fabrics to customize a bed?  For example, can I use Willow print and Grass print together on a pillow bed?  Or can I customize the Faux Leather Bed to have a different center pillow?

A.  Yes, we are able to do that.  Please note that this has a NO RETURN POLICY as this is a custom item.  We will always verify with you before it ships so there are no mistakes.  Custom charges will apply.

Q.  Can a customer use their own fabric?

A.  Yes.  In order to do this, we would need to approximate yards to make and verify design.  This process may take up to 2-3 weeks and the customer will pay for all shipping charges. • 413-522-8857 • Chesterfield, MA 01012