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Choosing the Best Dog Beds

This happens to us all, we have to buy a dog bed. Our pet has taken over the couch, even the bed. While some owners enjoy cuddling with their dog, every dog, large or small, should have a bed -- a place of its own for rest. With our wide selection of dog beds, crate mats, loungers, bolster beds, outdoor beds, and donut beds, you're sure to find the perfect bed for your dog. With more shapes, colors and sizes, Dog Bed Works offers style and function rolled into one. You're certain to find the best dog bed for your dog & your home. We can help you choose the best for your pet.

Q. Does your dog curl up into a ball or love to lean against something soft?

A.  A donut dog bed would be a great choice. Bowsers makes several of these donut or nest style beds visit: Bowsers Dog Beds.  With 'bumpers' surrounding it, a donut dog bed resembles a nest and gives the animal a sense of security. BOWSERS DOG BEDS are an ideal solution for this dog. These are also commonly called Donut or Nest dog beds. These are great for smaller dogs who need to snuggle up and keep warm. These are also great for older or arthritic pets, which need more support for their achy joints.

Q. Does your dog sprawl out or like to circle around making a "nest" of his bed?

A. These dogs need generous amounts of space and soft fill. We suggest a round, pillow style dog bed. Several of our designers carry this style, check out: : Bowsers Dog Beds Big Shrimpy Dog Beds, and  Jax and Bones Dog Beds  If your dog likes to stretch or sprawl buy a square, rectangular, or round pillow dog bed. Large breeds offer special challenges in terms of size and support  - beds such as the BIG SHRIMPY ORIGINAL BED meet both these needs.

Q. Or does your dog lie on his stomach?

A. A rectangular dog bed will suit this dog. They're great space savers and work well under desks or tables, in crates or when traveling. Several of our designers carry this style, check out: Bowsers Dog Beds Big Shrimpy Dog Beds and  Jax and Bones Dog Beds .

Q. What size is your dog?

A. Choose a bed that is the correct size for your dog. When lying flat, your dog should be completely stretched out on their side, without hanging off the bed. If your pet's measurements are in-between sizes, always purchase a larger sized dog bed.

Q. Does your dog have special health considerations?  

A. In addition to style and size, dog bed fabric is a key factor to consider. Machine-washable, hypoallergenic dog beds are a must for dogs that suffer from allergies. Eco-friendly , green and organic dog beds, give you peace of mind that your dog is resting on safe, sustainable, organic, and recycled materials. We also have memory foam and orthopedic beds for senior dogs

Q. What size bed should I get for my dog ?

A. If you find yourself in between sizes based on the measurements, always go for the larger dog bed. To select the right size bed for your best friend, lay down some newspaper and measure the space where your pal will lay! Pick the best size and shape appropriate for your dog! The general rule is that your best friend's bed should be bigger and roomy so their legs can stretch out for more comfort. Our advice is that you measure the length of your best friend and add 10-12 inches to obtain the best diameter for the bed. When in doubt, it is best to get the larger bed. Trust us, who likes to sleep with their feet dangling off the bed?
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